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While ads and websites are fleeting and intangible, books have stature, credibility, and permanence. A book can be a powerful tool to achieve corporate and organizational objectives.


In Deep: The Story of Global Diving & Salvage

Joe Gustav

Author Joe Gustav chronicles the history of this iconic Pacific Northwest company as it grew from a small, Seattle-based diving crew, into a global marine company with multiple business lines. From historic wrecks and rescues, to high-technology saturation diving, Global’s story is captivating.

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Corporate History Book: In Deep


Aleutian Freighter: A History of Shipping in the Aleutian Islands

James Mackovjak

A history of Aleutian trade, from the sailing vessels of the 19th century, to the rough-and-tumble, seafood-driven fleet expansion of the 1980s and the small-but-capable fleet that services the Aleutian Islands today.

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Corporate History Book: Aleutian Freighter


Catching a Deckload of Dreams: Chuck Bundrant and the Story of Trident Seafoods

John van Amerongen

More than a business biography, this is a tale of true grit, salt air, and danger. It's a story with breaking waves, shallow sandbars, and shaky business deals to navigate against a backdrop of global politics, huge financial risk, and enormous economic expansion in remote Alaska.

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Corporate History Book: Catching a Deckload of Dreams


People of the Saltchuk

Michael D. Garvey

Paintings by Byron Birdsall

Dedicated to the employees of the operating businesses of Saltchuk Resources worldwide, People of the Saltchuk features paintings by the award-winning, Alaska-based artist Byron Birdsal.

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Corporate History Book: People of the Saltchuk


The Legend of Eddie Bauer

Robert Spector

Eddie Bauer was a legendary Pacific Northwest sportsman. Character, determination, entrepreneurial spirit, and a love of the outdoors created a successful business and an enduring legacy.

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Corporate History Book: The Legend of Eddie Bauer


Paccar: The Pursuit of Quality

Alex Groner and Barry Provorse

Based on hundreds of oral history interviews and countless documents, this is the fourth edition of PACCAR’s history, produced for the company's centennial.

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Corporate History Book: Paccar


On Course: Chevron’s Century at Sea

Robert Spector

The story of Chevron Maritime begins with the launch of the world's first steel-hulled tanker, the George Loomis, in 1895, and follows the company's course of investment, risk, and growth over a span of 100 years.

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Corporate History Book: On Course


Bridging the Generations: The History of Manson Construction Company

Patricia Latourette Lucas

This large, family-owned marine construction company has a dynamic history full of risks and accomplishments, including the dredging of compromised waterfront structures built to accommodate cargo, passenger ships, and ferryboats on rivers and inlets of the Pacific Coast.

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Corporate History Book: Bridging the Generations


Traditions Through the Trees: Weyerhauser’s First 100 Years

Joni Sensel

Sensel's clear and credible text describes the dynamic growth of Weyerhaeuser from its initial 900,000-acre purchase of Washington State timberland, through its evolution into an international leader in the growth of trees and the creation of forest products.

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Corporate History Book: Traditions Through the Trees











Challenge and Change: Inland Empire Paper Company's First Century

Joni Sensel

Inland Empire Paper Company grew from the confluence of raw resources and restless money in a young, rich Spokane in the early 1900s.

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Corporate History Book: Challenge and Change


Kenworth: The First 75 Years

Doug Siefkes

This large-format history describes Kenworth's evolution from a small operation in the Pacific Northwest, to a global leader in the trucking industry.

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Corporate History Book: Kenworth


Pride of the Sea: The American Seafood Story

Robert Spector

The story of American Seafoods is a rich tapestry of competition, regulatory evolution, talent, and fisherman's luck.

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Corporate History Book: Pride of the Sea


Character & Characters: The Spirit of Alaska Airlines

Robert Serling

The rich heritage of one of America’s oldest and most colorful airlines is the subject of the 25th and latest book by noted aviation author Robert J. Serling.

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Corporate History Book: Character and Characters


A Good Night's Sleep: The Pacific Coast Feather Story

Chris Roush and Petyr Beck

The story of how Pacific Coast Feather Company became a leader in the bedding industry spans four generations of family ownership and includes both family and non-family company leadership.

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Corporate History Book: A Good Night's Sleep


Banking on Independence: The First Century of Puget Sound Bancorp

Barry Provorse

A view of Tacoma's financial community as portrayed through the history of Puget Sound Bank.

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Soper-Wheeler Company: A Century of Growing Trees

Michael J. Gillis

An in-depth history of the oldest privately-owned timber company in California follows the course of two families who came west at the end of the 19th century and united to form a successful timber business in California’s Sierra Nevada. This book traces over 100 years of Soper-Wheeler history.

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Corporate History Book: Soper-Wheeler


Family Trees: Simpson's Centennial Story

Robert Spector

This centennial history chronicles one of the largest family-owned forest products companies in the world. It is based on two years of research and 120 oral history interviews.

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Corporate History Book: Family Trees