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Aleutian Freighter: A History of Shipping in the Aleutian Islands

James Mackovjak

Contained in these pages is a history of the Aleutian trade, from the sailing vessels that transported salted cod, to the mailboats that for decades provided the region's only scheduled communication with the outside world, to the make-do, rough-and-tumble, seafood-driven fleet expansion of the 1980s, to the small but capable fleet that today reliably provides essential cargo service to the Aleutian Islands region.

It is a history of small ships and the people who owned and operated them, set in a severe and unforgiving environment, and framed by an evolving marine-resource-based economy.


Client: Coastal Transportation

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Corporate History Book: Aleutian Freighter
ISBN: 978-1-933245-27-0
Hardbound with jacket, 9.5 x 10 inches, 136 pages, full color
Cover price: $32.95

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