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The Sound of Spokane: A History of the Spokane Symphony

Jim Kershner

In 2020, Spokane Symphony celebrates 75 years of championing a top-notch music organization. The Sound of Spokane: History of Spokane Symphony is a beautiful tribute to the musicians and a community dedicated to building a high-quality symphony in an unlikely city. Spokane writer and symphony devotee Jim Kershner weaves a compelling story of personalities, vision, and a community’s unrelenting driveā€¦ a journey from the benches of a frontier town warehouse to a nationally recognized music powerhouse. Kershner’s The Sound of Spokane is a magnificent duet of visual and written history, singing with stories, contextual background, and images from The Spokesman-Review’s deep archive.

Available October


144 pages


color, 9 x 10.5 inches

ISBN 978-1-933245-60-7

cover price: $34.95