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We specialize in purpose-driven corporate and institutional histories, photography and architecture books, regional histories, and award-winning cookbooks.

From limited-edition private releases to traditionally published books for the retail market, and everything in between, our goal is to meet our clients' strategic objectives and exceed their expectations for editorial, design, and production quality, using a hands-on process that we have refined over 38 years of experience.

In an age when information, though abundant, is often fleeting and intangible, we believe books take on particular relevance. We specialize in books that will last, using high-quality paper, bound with pages that are sewn in, not just glued; our books stand the test of time.

Documentary Media’s services include concept and budget development, oral history interviews, archival research, writing, book design, production, editing, project management, and book fulfillment, sales, and distribution.

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Inspired wins 2013 ILLUMINATION Book Award

Inspired: Churches of Seattle, by Rick Grant, featuring architectural photography by Lara Swimmer wins the 2013 Illumination Award for the best keepsake/gift book. Available now in bookstores and online.

ISBN: 978-1-933245-31-7

Hardbound, 160pp, full-color




Catching a Deckload of Dreams

Catching a Deckload of Dreams: Chuck Bundrant and the Story of Trident Seafoods, by John van Amerongen, is now available.

More than a business biography, this is a tale of true grit, salt air, and danger, with breaking waves, shallow sandbars, and shaky business deals to navigate against a backdrop of global politics, huge financial risk, and enormous economic expansion in a remote place called Alaska.

ISBN: 978-1-933245-34-8

Hardbound, 376pp, color and black-and-white images









Our Corporate Histories . . .

Fishing Vessel Design of the PNW and Alaska

Documentary Media is proud to release Drawing on Our History: Fishing Vessels of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, by James A. Cole. With more than 150 line drawings, photographs, and color illustrations, it is a wealth of information that has not previously been available in one place. An important addition to the maritime literature of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Available in bookstores and online.


ISBN: 978-1-933245-33-1

Hardbound, 208pp, full-color




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